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Beyond Exterior

New elegantly bold additions to enhance the premium sporty look

Modern fog lamp with dark chrome ornament

Attractive adornment for stronger aesthetics.

Black Paint with dark chrome grille

Elegantly bold with black and dark chrome grille combination.

Side rocker moulding with chrome plating

Step up with class and confidence.

Black front bumper spoiler with chrome plating

Project strong presence with a strikingly remarkable stance

Front grille bomerang ornament

A touch of luxurious accent for more elegant feel.

Sturdy black backdoor garnish

Accentuating the strong and classy rear design.

Black rear bumper spoiler with chrome plating

New rear details radiate class and confidence.

Striking arch wheel moulding

Bold new additions that enhances the sporty look.

Daring 17” black alloy wheels

Prominent design in sophisticatedly bold color.