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Attractive New Front Grille and Bumper

Escalates your style with an edgy Front Grille design and stylish Front Bumper that produces an eye-catching appearance to the road. *TRD Type

New Electrifying Front Looks

Magnetise the road with the new front look design that contains impressive dark Grille blends with the sporty Front bumper and advanced LED Headlamp. *G Type

New Striking LED Headlamp Design

Creates a stunning impression with the high-end LED's smooth design. *TRD Type

New LED Fog Lamp Design

Projects an impressive presence to ensures your trip brightly safe. *TRD Type

Rear Roof Spoiler

Build up your journey with captivating yet sporty aero kit. *TRD Type

Dynamic Shark Fin Antenna

Bold expression yet brings aerodynamic and elegant style. *All Type

Energetic Alloy Wheel

Uplift your performance along the road through the crafty Ally Wheel design. *All Type