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Beyond Exterior

Elevation On Every Design

New Resilient Front Bumper And Intriguing Grille Design

Crafted to represent your exquisite and radiant personality.

New Bold Headlamp Design

Detail-oriented design that makes a captivating overall looks.

Dual Sliding Door With New Kick Sensor

A motion sensor below the power sliding door, enables the door slides as simple as swipe with the foot.

New Dashing Power Back Door With Side Button

A simple touch on the side button of the power back door helps you to adjust the opening angle even if there's obstacles around.

New Stylish Rear Combination Lamp

More than just a combination, yet picturesque illuminations that keep driving backward trouble-free.

New Outer Mirror With Heater Function

Enables better visibility as it clears up the fog on the side mirror.

New Stunning 17" Disc Wheel

Strong yet striking design that complete the appearance.