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New Engine

The newly 6-cylinders turbo engine will improve acceleration and also brings fuel efficiency for the best driving experience that will make you always feel at ease. (All Type)

New Transmission

10-speed Direct shift-10AT brought various measures to minimize energy loss and elevate transmission efficiency. Gear tooth surfaces were processed using a new technique for a lower coefficient of friction when the gears engage. (All Type)

New Transmission

The change gear shift comes with new design, from a gate or zigzag type to straight line models with the objective to convey a convenient driving experience. (All Type)

New Developed Front & Rear Suspension

Newly optimized suspension to give more balance when you are thriving through different terrains and roads.

New AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension)

The new suspension will help to reduce vehicle altitude vibration due to rough roads and give you more quiet inside the cabin. (All Type)

Auto-MTS (Multi-Terrain Select)

The system to control the set-up while optimizing the traction on slippery surfaces such as mud and loose rocks. The auto mode also achieves excellent ground covering performance without the driver changing the mode manually.

Auto-MTS (Multi-Terrain Select)

The turn assist function help the driver to obtain better steering when using Crawl Control-ensuring steering response when traveling at a constant speed. (All Type)

Auto-MTS (Multi-Terrain Select)

Crawl Control supports the driver in obtaining constant low speed to ensure driving safety on sand, dirt, rock, mud, and other surfactants requiring the acceleration control 5-speed selections to choose the desired speed. (All Type)

Explore Like No Other

The All-New Land Cruiser has the ability to perform extremely well on any off-road conditions. It will provide the best off-road journey experience. (All Type)