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All New Divine Convenience

The All-New Land Cruiser will provide you with more quietness inside the cabin as the world of unlimited pleasure will accompany your majestic journey ahead. (GR-S Type)

New Freedom In Space

Exceed all the obstacles in every ease on any road with the sporty and fierce look of The All-New Land Cruiser that comes with the combination of red and black color. (GR-S Type)

Embrace The Boundless Extravagance

A more capacious space of freedom awaits you with elegant materials and artistic ornamentation. The All-New Land Cruiser gives you adjustable seats for every passenger to enjoy the splendid service that will lead you to a beautiful experience. (VX-R Type)

New Expansive Luggage Room

Take your equipment more than ever before, as The All-New Land Cruiser provides you with a more capacity luggage room to place when you want to go or take it away. (All Type)

Exclusive 70th Anniversary Floor Mat

An embroidered premium 70th Anniversary logo is also shown on the front and rear floor mat to welcome and accompany your historical journey. (All Type)