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New Remarkable Dashboard (V Gasoline Type)

Feel the wonderful journey created by the enhanced Full Dashboard with a two-tone colour design and luxurious Soft Pad.

New 10" Dual Rear Seat Entertainment (All Q HV & All V Type)

The first in class 10" Dual Rear Seat Entertainment with internet connection that can be played independently. *Also Available without RSE in V Gasoline Type

New Impressive Cabin (All Type)

The rigidity form and equal comfort in all seat rows are perfectly emphasized by the more spacious cabin for the 2nd and 3rd rows, along with the light feel and the driving stability that is created by the finer suspension.

New 10" Head Unit with Smartphone Connectivity (All Q HV & All V Type)

Control all entertainment through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Voice Recognition or navigate your daily life easier with smartphone connectivity and NFC E-Toll Card Checking (e-Money & Flazz) for your comfortable journey.

New 9" Head Unit with Smartphone Connectivity (All G Type)

The enormous entertainment bundle is injected with the Smartphone Connectivity function and NFC for checking e-Toll card (e-Money & Flazz) to deliver your convenience in every journey.

New Illumination Light Instrument Panel (All Q HV & All V Type)

Embedded with convenience lamp covered on the black premium leather material will bring a pleasant experience in every voyage.

New Electric Parking Brake & Brake Hold (All Type)

Begin your wonderful journey with just a simple touch as the parking brake is now installed with electric functionality.

New Digital Auto AC (All Type)

Command all the temperature, airflow, and air distribution inside the cabin, as The Air Purifier (All Q HV & All V Type) will ensure your desirable journey.

New 4.2" TFT MID (All Gasoline Type)

An engaging visual to keep you enlightened for the essential information on the road.

New Captain Seat with Ottoman (All Q HV Type)

Comes with an Electric Seat and New Leg Rest bringing all kinds of ease in every distinguished journey ahead. it provides a solace sensation of convenience when crossing over with The All-New Kijang Innova Zenix.

New Panoramic Retractable Roof (All Q HV & All V HV Type)

Relish every exquisite driving moment with the wider from of the Panoramic Roof and ignite the night with Illumination Lights (All Q HV & All V Type) to grant you greater views.

New Majestic Full Dashboard (All Q HV Type)

The sophisticated journey is guaranteed by the dynamic yet modern design interior as the premium made Soft Pad (All Q HV & All V Type) and Black Leather Seats give a sense of luxury and spaciousness.

New Two Tone Design Dashboard (G HV Type)

The two-tone design and first-class technologies to accompany your stunning wanders.

New Steering Wheel with Paddle Shift (All Q HV Type)

Lighter Steering Wheel with better stability and power to control every road you thrive with ease as the Paddle Shift is injected.

New Wireless Charge (All Q HV Type)

Connect freely to the outside world with the Wireless Charger to power up your devices.

New Black Leather Seat (All Q HV Type)

Enhanced convenience of the leather material embedded in every spacious seat.

New 7" TFT MID (All HV Type)

An entire digital instrument to provide and convey essential information about your vehicle.