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Classy Interior Design

With elegant black color and silver chrome details placed meticulously to further enhance the luxurious feeling on the inside of the car.

Comfortable Cabin Space

Designed and calculated flawlessly to give a decent leg room and high ceiling for an enjoyable driving experience.

Multi-Purpose Head Unit

New 9" Display with AM/FM Stereo, Bluetooth, Miracast, NFC and Voice Command.

Dual Zone With Auto Function

Convenient AC adjustment as the driver and passengers preferences.

Elegant Steering Wheel Design

Embellished with silver chrome details to give more prestigious experience when commanding the road.

Electric Power Seat

An easy 6-way position adjuster for the driver to aim for the best convenient position.

Illuminating Console

Not only providing a luxurious addition to the interior but also giving better visibility to the center console.

Advanced Drive Mode

Enjoy the journey as you experience ECO, Sport or EV.

Detailed MID and Combi Meter Design

With digital MID for a more comprehensive outlook on the vehicle's status.