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Toyota Safety Sense & Advance Safety Feature

Radar system design to help reduce likelihood of collision with a preciding car

Front Depature Alert

Alerts the driver with sound when preciding vechile moving on traffic

Pedal misoperation control

Preventing front collision when driver accidentally pushes gas pedal

Lane Depature Assist

Help avoid unintended lane depature by alerting when a car veered from the lane

Rear Crossing Traffic Alert

Notify if there is a potential collision during driving backwards

Blind Spot Monitoring

Informs you from the side mirror graphic signals if there's any other vechile in the blind spot area

6 Airbags D/P/S/C

Ensure safety by enduring impacts to minimize the chance of injury


Ensure maximum braking safety

Vechile Stability Control

Maintaining the vechile stability when doing a sharp turn to avoid over or under-steering

Hill start assist

Prevents vechiles from slipping backwards on an uphill road

7P Seatbelt Warning

Protect everyone in the car and provide a safer driving experience